Institutional Asset Management

Options-Enhanced® and Cash Flow Bionic® Portfolios

Institutional Asset Management

We provide customized and transparent institutional asset management solutions emphasizing low-volatility, high-income portfolios.

Bionic® Portfolios – Customized. Transparent. Evolved.™

  • Institutions, Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Endowments

Bionic® Portfolios are separately-managed, transparent, and customizable institutional portfolios. We offer two types of Bionic® Portfolios – 1) Options-Enhanced® Equity & Fixed Income Portfolios and 2) Cash Flow Portfolios.

Options-Enhanced® Equity & Fixed Income – $5,000,000 minimum

Options-Enhanced® Equity & Fixed Income Portfolios may replace hedge fund or absolute return allocations. Unlike typical hedge funds, there are no gates or performance fees. Annual fee rates are based on assets managed and are negotiable. Fees are assessed monthly, in arrears.

Cash Flow Portfolios – $5,000,000 minimum

Cash Flow Portfolios consist of ETFs, mutual funds, and dividend-paying stocks. Depending upon your Investment Policy Statement, closed-end funds and MLPs may also be considered. Portfolios are designed to yield 4% from dividends and interest in an approximately 50%-50% mix of equities and fixed income securities. Annual fee rates based on assets managed. Fees are assessed monthly, in arrears:

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Institutional Asset Management by Bionic Capital LLC

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