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Investment Strategies

Investing for Your Future

Bionic Capital provides professionally managed investment strategies, individualized wealth advice, and long-term financial problem-solving for every client. Our goal is to solve your needs, so we deliver multiple low-cost investment strategies and adapt them as your needs evolve. Go Bionic.

Investment Strategies

As an independent advisor, we choose the best investment and technology providers to help you succeed.

Fixed income investment strategies from Bionic Capital may help you in retirement

Fixed Income Portfolios

Low Volatility

Fixed income securities generally exhibit lower volatility and lower risk of loss than equity (stock) investments. They may also have lower expected returns. This specific strategy typically will utilize fixed income ETFs, CDs, and fixed income mutual funds. Management fees can be as low as 0.25% per annum (e.g., a $2,500 annual fee for managing a $1,000,000 portfolio).

Model portfolios and investment strategies from BlackRock and Vanguard

Model Portfolios

Low-cost and Efficient

ETF model portfolios from Vanguard, BlackRock and other providers consist of individualized allocations to a diversified mix of ETFs (exchange-traded funds). These ETFs generally trade commission-free for U.S. clients. Non-U.S. clients must custody their assets at Interactive Brokers and may incur small trading costs for these portfolios.

Investment strategies from Bionic Capital may help you grow your wealth

Bionic Portfolios

Higher Risk, Potential Higher Returns

Bionic Portfolios are internally generated and managed portfolios from Bionic Capital LLC. Click here to learn more about Bionic Portfolios.

Bionic Portfolios

Long-term growth

Customized Bionic Portfolios may utilize any publicly-traded securities including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, CDs, structured products, closed-end funds, and, for qualified clients, equity options. We make every effort to minimize tax ramifications for taxable accounts.

Management fees range from 40 bps to 100 bps (0.40% to 1.00%) annually based on assets managed.


Bionic ETF and Mutual Fund Portfolios are comprised of low-cost, liquid ETFs and no-load mutual funds from a variety of providers. Generally, securities in these portfolios trade commission-free on the TD Ameritrade Institutional platform.

Management fees are 50 bps (0.50%) annually based on assets managed.



Bionic Fixed Income Portfolios invest in mutual funds, FDIC-insured certificates of deposits (CDs), fixed income ETFs, closed-end fixed income funds, and other available securities. Portfolios are intended to generate relatively stable income for risk-averse clients but may exhibit higher volatility than the Fixed Income portfolios described above.

Management fees are 40 bps (0.40%) annually for portfolios of $500,000 and more.

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Investing Risks

The value of an investment may go up or down. An investor may not receive the amount initially invested, and income, if any, may fluctuate. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Potential clients should consider their investment objectives and constraints, among other things, before investing. Contact Dean Erickson, CFA at (321) 574-8052 for a discussion of risks.

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