Investment Services

Investment services include professionally managed investment strategies, individualized wealth advice, and ongoing financial problem-solving for every client.

Managed ETF Portfolios

Fee – 0.57%: View Details

Treasury & CD Portfolios

Fee – 0.33%: View Details

Bionic® Portfolios

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  • Low fees
  • Automated tax-smart investing
  • Personalized advice
  • Fiduciary decision-making
  • Multiple investing strategies
  • 24/7 investor portal
  • Independence to choose providers
  • Multiple custodians
  • We do not sell anything

Investment Services

Fixed Income Portfolio

Laddered Treasuries and CDs

  • Great for risk-averse investors
  • Provides cash interest returns
  • Government-guaranteed securities of varying maturities
  • Maturing bond principal is reinvested
  • Fee rate of only 0.33% annually
  • $500,000 minimum investment

Long-term Growth Potential

Actively Managed ETFs

  • Actively managed ETF investment strategies
  • Model portfolios from BlackRock, JP Morgan, and others
  • As models change, so does your portfolio
  • Managed by 55ip, a JPMorgan company
  • Diversified, tax-smart, and low-cost
  • Great for both IRAs and taxable accounts
  • Fee rate of only 0.57% annually
  • $100,000 minimum investment

Cash flow with Growth Potential

Bionic® Portfolios

  • Bespoke portfolios managed by Bionic Capital LLC
  • Target high cash returns and growth
  • Designed for long-term investors with unrealized gains
  • Potential to offer monthly income
  • May include *options-enhanced® securities
  • Fee rate of only 0.57% annually
  • $1,000,000 minimum investment

Tools & Resources

Tools to Help You

The Investment Services Process


Contact us to discuss your investment experiences, fears, and aspirations to help us create the best possible solution for you. By understanding you better we can determine your optimal investment allocation and strategy. We will adjust your portfolio as your needs and goals dictate. We help you through every step and will answer any questions you may have.


Most long-term investors will benefit from low-cost, actively-managed model ETF (exchange-traded-fund) portfolios. Bionic Capital offers access to hundreds of model portfolios from the best asset managers in the world, like BlackRock, Fidelity, JPMorgan, and others. Portfolios are managed by 55ip, a JPMorgan company.


Bionic Capital monitors every portfolio for performance and rebalances portfolios automatically. Rebalancing portfolios back to allocation targets may reduce risk while enhancing long-term returns. Strategies and portfolios are updated, as needed. After consultation with you, we can change your allocation, ETF strategy, or provider, or we can create an entirely new portfolio for you from our internally generated, best-choice investment options.


Options-enhanced strategies utilize call options and put options to alter the risk-return profile of an underlying basket of securities. Bionic Portfolios may utilize options-enhanced securities such as JEPI and JEPQ among others to improve portfolio cash flows and total returns. “Options-enhanced” is a trademark owned by Bionic Capital LLC registered for “Financial and investment services, namely, management and brokerage in the fields of stocks, bonds, options, commodities, futures, and other securities, and the investment of funds of others.”


Nothing on this site should be considered tax, legal, insurance, or investment advice. Decisions based on information on this website are the sole responsibility of the person viewing the site. You agree to hold Bionic Capital LLC, its officers, employees, and independent contractors, harmless against any and all claims, losses, liability, and expenses arising from its use.

Investing Risks

The value of an investment may go up or down. An investor may not receive the amount initially invested, and income, if any, may fluctuate. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Potential clients should consider their investment objectives and constraints, among other things, before investing. Contact Dean Erickson, CFA at (321) 574-8052 for a discussion of risks.

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