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Though we manage publicly-traded securities of all types, most investors will benefit from low-cost, actively managed model ETF portfolios. Clients may select from portfolio models provided by JPMorgan, BlackRock, State Street  and many others. When one of these model providers makes strategic changes, we are alerted to change your portfolio. Similarly, internally managed Bionic Portfolios are updated as conditions warrant.


We can manage any type of account that our custodians accept, which is pretty much all types. From individual accounts, 401ks, IRAs, SEP IRAs, to personal trusts, your accounts are important vehicles to potentially defer taxation. We determine the best account to hold specific investments in order to maximize your odds for retirement success.


We do not sell insurance or products of any type. We manage portfolios for a low management fee only. Thus, our interests are completely aligned with yours. As you do better, we do better. Fiduciaries like us do not sell products for compensation.


We offer Laddered Treasury and CD Portfolios that will typically yield more than savings accounts. Ultra-safe, short-term treasuries currently yield as much as five percent (as of September 9, 2023), and likely offer better returns than your bank account. 


dPaying taxes on investment gains and distributions reduces your overall returns. Thus, minimizing taxation is important. For clients with taxable accounts, we have engaged 55ip, a JPMorgan company, to manage portfolios in the most efficient and tax-optimized manner available. Some clients may benefit from a tax-advantage variable annuity from Nationwide with no upfront fees or withdrawal expenses. Fees are only $20/month which goes to Nationwide and a 0.57% management fee to us. Tell us your situation and we will work with you and your tax team to find the best solution for you. We do not give tax advice.

Debt & Credit Cards

We do not offer debit or credit cards. We suggest talking to someone at your current bank or checking with NerdWallet to find your best options.

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