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Investor Resources

On this page, you’ll find tools to help you better understand investing and your money!

We are always here to help but your knowledge is powerful. By learning more about investing and protecting your money you help us help you even more.

Investor Resources

Tools for Financial Management

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

We did not create this questionnaire but it is a great one. Hopefully, Vanguard won’t mind if you use it to guide your investing throughout your life.

Estate Planning

Everplans can help you organize everything your executor will need.

Retirement Planner

Feel free to use this free Planswell resource with or without our help.

Fee Calculator

See how the difference in fee rates change your results over many years.

Calendly Meeting Scheduler

Whenever you are ready to talk, please schedule the best time for you.

Investor Resources

Other Tools & Resources


Though we manage publicly-traded securities of all types, most investors will benefit from low-cost, efficient, and tax-optimized model ETF portfolios. Model portfolios are managed by 55-IP, a JPMorgan company, from models provided by JPMorgan, BlackRock, and Fidelity. When one of these model providers make strategic changes, 55-IP implements those changes seamlessly in your account.


We can manage any type of account that Schwab accepts, which is pretty much all types. From individual accounts, 401ks, IRAs, SEP IRAs, to personal trusts, your accounts are important vehicles to potentially defer taxation. We determine the best account to hold specific investments in order to maximize your odds for retirement success.


We do not currently offer insurance. However, we do manage tax-advantaged variable annuities with no upfront fees or withdrawal expense. As a rule, fiduciaries like us do not handle products that are sold in exchange for upfront commissions.


Because interest rates have risen in 2022, ultra-safe one-year treasuries are yielding over four percent. That’s a lot better than getting near zero from your bank account. (as of 12/12/2022 – rates will vary)


Paying taxes on investment gains reduces your overall returns. Thus, minimizing taxation on your portfolio gains is important. We have engaged 55-IP, a JPMorgan company, to manage your portfolio in the most efficient and tax-optimized manner available today.

Debt & Credit Cards

We do not offer debit or credit cards. We suggest talking to someone at your current bank or checking with NerdWallet to find your best options.

Wealth Blog

Ken Fisher and the Art of Fear Marketing

Ken Fisher and the Art of Fear Marketing Employing fear marketing, Ken Fisher HATES annuities as much as Oprah LOVES bread. In fact, according to his current television commercial (click here to view it on YouTube), Fisher would rather "die and go to Hell before [he]...

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Financial Advisor

There are five important considerations when you are choosing a financial advisor for your investment portfolios and your financial future. Promises, strategy, payment, time and experience are critical areas for discussion with any potential financial advisor. If the advisor isn’t forthcoming with information that you need, find another advisor.

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